Susie Crippen

Susie Crippen is a life explorer, pottery lover, nature enthusiast and clothing designer. She co-founded J Brand, the first American company to popularize the skinny jean, taking apart the paradigm of jeans so women could make them their own. Now, she’s doing the same with dresses, taking them out of the armoire and into real life. Her new line of dresses, 4, is named for the Ride 4 A Woman collective in Africa that is sewing them, and her birthday January 4. Originally from the east coast of the U.S., by way of Los Angeles, Crippen now lives in Kenya.

"4 is the culmination of everything I love to do; travel, explore markets around the world, make beautiful and functional clothing, inspire women to see themselves beyond who they know themselves to be. This is the time for all of us to do that."

 - Susie Crippen

Why Now?

"In January of 2018 I travelled to Bwindi, Uganda to trek with the gorillas. While there, I visited Ride 4 A Woman and met Evelyn Rubamela. I had a vision standing beside Evelyn, that January day. I knew she was meant to be my partner in creating dresses in these gorgeous fabrics made here by the women of the center. And I knew if I didn’t follow this call, I would not be honoring the gift that it truly is."

- Susie Crippen